Industrial Economics and Management

Marketing and strategy

Our core research areas are studies in domestic and international marketing (including perspectives of digitalization, servitization and CSR) and research in strategy and international management. Theoretically, our research is rooted in perspectives focusing on business relationships, customer engagement, value (co)creation, and institutional and resource based theories.


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The researchers at the department of Marketing and Strategy strive towards being at the forefront of education and research. Numerous research findings of the group have been published in top-ranked international journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies and the Journal of World Business.

Examples of current projects are:

  • A project about renewable energy systems and smart cities from a marketing perspective
  • A project about the consequences of digital transformation for Swedish firms in terms of their innovativeness, operational efficiency and international growth
  • A project about how digitalization has changed the conditions for small and medium-sized companies in the retail industry.

Our research results are used to develop marketing and strategy and international management theories. We want to provide new ideas in relation to digitalization, globalization and sustainability that increase our understanding and provide inputs for future business development.



  • Sylvie Chetty, visiting researcher
  • Peter Thilenius, visiting professor
  • Steven Thompson, affiliated researcher

Ongoing research projects

Balanserad Styrning av smarta fastigheter (BSSF)

Project manager at MDU: Peter Ekman