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Literary Studies Seminar

The Literary Studies Seminar is an inclusive forum for literary scholarship and criticism at MDU.


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The Literary Studies Seminar is a broad meeting-place for research on literature and gathers scholars from the subjects of English and Comparative Literature.

Research Areas

  • Animal Studies
  • Classical Reception Studies
  • Decoloniality
  • Documentary Literature
  • Ecocriticism
  • Literary Didactics
  • Literary Criticism
  • Media History
  • Modernism Studies
  • Narrative Identity
  • Narrative Theory
  • Postcolonialism
  • Posthumanism
  • Whiteness Studies
  • Witness Literature
  • World Literature

Current Research

The Nonhuman in American Literary Naturalism (Karin M. Danielsson and Kenneth K. Brandt, SCAD, Georgia, USA).

“Wallace Stevens as World Literature”, vol. 1 and 2 of The Wallace Stevens Journal 2022 (Gül Bilge Han, Bart Eeckhout, University of Antwerp, and Lisa Goldfarb, New York University).

“World Literature, Lotus, and the Cultural Solidarities of the Global South” (Gül Bilge Han).

“Alkman and Sparta in Modern Swedish-Language Literature” (Thomas Sjösvärd).

“Cultural and Narrative Identity in Sami Said’s Väldigt sällan fin and Monomani” (Niclas Johansson).

“The Crisis of Criticism: A Comparative Perspective” (Lina Samuelsson and Marieke Winkler, Open University, the Netherlands).

“Time to Cultivate Your Inner Seal: Eric Linklater’s ‘Sealskin Trousers’ as Posthumanist Guide to Mutability” (Karin M. Danielsson).

“The Disaster Speaks in You: The Evoking of a Witness in Hanna Krall's To Outwit God” (Anna Jungstrand).

“Documentary Repercussions: W.G. Sebald and Aesthetics of Reality” (Anna Jungstrand).

“The Dialogue Revisited: Conceptions of Learning Subjects and Participation in Digital Teaching” (Anna Jungstrand and Ingemar Haag, Stockholm University).

Ongoing research projects

As migration has become an increasingly widespread phenomenon in a globalized world, we have also seen a growing number of literary representations of experiences of migration, in what is sometimes referred to as "migration literature". This project aims to investigate how narrative identity is constructed in autofictions of migration.

Project manager at MDU: Niclas Johansson

Main financing: Riksbankens Jubileumsfond