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Information Design

The Information Design research group's projects are based on a human-centered perspective in cross-disciplinary research projects. With research methods such as interactive design, design thinking, and participatory design in combination with ethnographic methods, the group contributes to an increased understanding of how information can be designed, communicated, and understood through artifacts in the environment in the form of interaction, space design, text, and visualisations.

The group aims to develop theories, methods and tools for a deeper understanding of how information design can support interaction between individuals, groups, with the physical and virtual environment, and in various kinds of mediated communication. Information design takes a holistic perspective, where objects and individuals needs to be understood as a part of a system, both on an organisational level and societal level.


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  • Information Design research group contributes to the possibility for individuals and groups to be active parts of the digital innovation and development, in private and public spheres.
  • The group contributes to an increased understanding of how information can be designed, communicated, and understood in interaction with artifacts in its environment. The aim is to enhance accessibility, and usability for a sustainable participation in society.
  • The group also contributes to the development of interactive methods, to study current states and future development of information artefact and spaces and places in different contexts and situations.
  • We do this by researching how information that exists in different environments and situations can be designed to make the information more accessible and meaningful to individuals and groups.

Ongoing research projects

Vi använder poesi och fotografi i lärandesituationer om teoretiska begrepp kopplade till komplexa samhällsutmaningar. Syftet är att utforska dessa uttrycksformer och deras relation till djupinlärning, inre motivation och engagemang i lärandet samt förmågan att möta samhällets utmaningar.

Project manager at MDU: Carina Söderlund

Main financing: Mälardalens universitet

The project examines the potential for transformation, both concerning physical places and the practices surrounding them.

Project manager at MDU: Jennie Schaeffer

Main financing: Formas

In the project TheO, we develop design methods and principles for the extended office through user-involved and interactive studies. The goal is to achieve sustainable, inclusive and flexible hybrid working ways, robust enough to meet unexpected system changes.

Project manager at MDU: Ulrika Florin

Main financing: Akademin för innovation, design och teknik, IPR