Software and Systems Engineering

Industrial Software Engineering

Focusing on engineering of complex software-intensive embedded systems, covering the entire lifecycle and including technologies, methods and processes. Particular emphasis on component- and model-based software engineering for embedded systems.


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Ongoing research projects

The purpose of this project is to study how system developers can design their products to have capabilities that make them effective in an SoS context, and how SoS designers can compose the available elements, called constituent systems (CS), as efficiently as possible to achieve a particular mission.

Project manager at MDU: Jakob Axelsson

Main financing: KKS / Knowledge Foundation

The project aims to increase the efficiency of analysis and management of risks in critical societal interconnected systems-of-systems. This is achieved by risk analysts, who, with a certain amount of work, become able to identify and reduce significantly more risks than they can manage with today's methods and the same amount of effort.

Project manager at MDU: Jakob Axelsson

Main financing: Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB)

Software Center is a collaboration between five academic partners and thirteen companies, dedicated to accelerating industrial digitalization and to support a continuous exchange of knowledge between the companies.

Project manager at MDU: Jan Carlson

The long-term goal of this project is to identify key factors that hinder the combination of model- based development and continuous integration, and to develop methods, techniques and tools to help alleviate them.

Project manager at MDU: Jan Carlson