Educational Sciences and Mathematics

Excellent Teaching for Literacy (ETL)

ETL is a research group under construction within the area of language, and reading and writing development, with the aim of securing a research-based and scientifically established educational environment for all the University’s teacher education programmes, and also of contributing to scholarly excellence in educational science research.

This group’s research deals with children’s/pupils’ language, and reading and writing development, partly in general and partly with regard to circumstances concerning children/pupils in need of extra support or particular challenges, or multilingual children/pupils.


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Activities Spring semester 2020

The members of the group will do presentations to get to know one another at the seminars on 1 April and 6 May.

Activities Autumn semester 2020

External researchers within the area will give lectures at seminars; to these are invited students and teachers at the teacher education programme’s placement schools.

Ongoing research projects