Educational Sciences and Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics and Modelling of Behaviour and Culture

This research focuses on the mathematical modelling of phenomena in cultural evolution.


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Ongoing research projects

The project studies the emergence and consequences of new technologier for information dispersal and processing in a new way, based on evolutionary thinking. How do digital information technologies transform cultural evolution, and what are the likely effects on individuals and society?

Project manager at MDU: Fredrik Jansson

Main financing: Marianne och Markus Wallenbergs stiftelse

The purpose is to improve our understanding of the structure of increasing subsequences in random permutations. This is a natural first step towards the greater goal of creating a theory of random permutations analogous to the rich existing theory of random graphs.

Project manager at MDU: Jonas Sjöstrand

Main financing: Vetenskapsrådet

The main purpose of this project is to test how far a domain-general approach to language learning can go. Most models of artificial language learning available are not cognitively plausible, and our aim is to demonstrate that sequence memory, chunking, and generalizing are sufficient to learn language.

Project manager at MDU: Jérome Michaud

Main financing: The Swedish Research Council