Future Energy Center

Digitalisation of Future Energy

In Digitalisation researchers work with advanced modelling methods and measurement techniques for energy efficient processes and systems with environmental benefits.

Digitalisation concerns developing new mathematical methods for model based diagnostics, decision support, optimization and control. Different simulation tools such and virtual sensors built on e.g. spectral spectral measurement techniques are used in combination to develop new systems for optimization and control.


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Ongoing research projects

Automation Region Research Academy (ARRAY) is an industrial postgraduate school at MDU in a close collaboration with several of the world’s foremost companies in automation and robotics. ARRAY contributes to increased competence and development in scientific areas that are of strategic relevance to Swedish industry.

Project manager at MDU: Thomas Nolte

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

EUBBC-Digital will create a new unique Open Challenge- and Digital-Based Educational Concept based upon a shareable “repository” global collaboration, with a high degree of student-centered and entrepreneurial learning towards 21st century digital skills.

Project manager at MDU: Valentina Zaccaria

Main financing: Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Projektets allmänna mål är att göra Power-to-gas-teknologin till en livskraftig lösning för långvarig lagring.

Project manager at MDU: Konstantinos Kyprianidis

Main financing: ERA-NET (Energimyndigheten)

In the Premium project, MDH offers tailor-made courses for tomorrow's industry.

Project manager at MDU: Jessica Bruch

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

In this project, the consortium based on MDU, Saab, and Siemens will explore the use of learning systems and artificial intelligence combined with physics-based and expert-driven predictive tools for intelligent and automated decision support systems.

Project manager at MDU: Konstantinos Kyprianidis

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

Recreate aims to develop knowledge on how to achieve efficient and economically feasible second life management solutions for EV batteries to improve the Swedish manufacturing industry' competitiveness.

Project manager at MDU: Koteshwar Chirumalla

Main financing: Knowledge Foundation

SMART will look at the integration of physics-based models of district heating network, with real-time AI-based load prediction and model-predictive control. The project will include models of next generation attached and detached single- and multi-family solar buildings to be connected to the regional heat and power distribution system.

Project manager at MDU: Amir Vadiee

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation