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Ongoing research projects

Syftet med projektet är att studera hälsofrämjande insatser för att minska stillasittande livsstil hos målgruppen.

Project manager at MDU: Anne Söderlund

Main financing: Cancerfonden

The overall purpose of this project is to explore newly graduated registered nurses' (NGRNs’) experiences of encountering work-related stress and of caring for patients in the emergency department (ED) during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Project manager at MDU: Petra Heideken Wågert

Main financing: Akademin för hälsa vård och välfärd MDU

Before suicide and suicide attempts, most people come in contact with the healthcare system and they show great ambivalence, meaning that there are numerous occasions for people whom come in contact with the patient to interfere and prevent suicide. Ambulance care traditionally have a distinct medical perspective on the patient with focus on severe somatic disease and previous research have shown that mental illness can be considered as secondary and even obstructing from what is considered as legit assignments.

Main financing: Centrum för klinisk forskning Region Sörmland

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