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Language Studies and Comparative Literature including Subject Didactics

In the research environment of Language Studies and Comparative Literature including Subject Didactics (SOLD), we apply a perspective which is both subject- and didactics-oriented on Language Studies and Comparative Literature. Subject didactics research in the humanities plays a major part in the development of teaching in higher education and schools.


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The research is directed towards teaching and learning in language and literature and the role of language in teaching and learning in higher education and schools, which also creates opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation. Research is done across the subjects of English, Comparative Literature, Swedish, and Swedish as a Second Language.

Applied language studies research includes a broad spectrum of research areas, for example:

  • conversation analytic research
  • research in second language teaching and learning
  • multilingualism
  • translanguaging
  • classroom interaction
  • translation
  • interactional competence
  • literacy and language-, reading- and writing development
  • ethnographic studies in language teaching and teacher education

Applied language research within the environment is thus of primary interest, though not solely directed towards subject didactics. In Comparative Literature SOLD has a strong profile in ecocriticism, which gathers comparative literature researchers from several subjects. Comparative literature research also embraces for example research in literature criticism and literacy promotion, as well as research in children’s and juvenile literature.

Seminar series:

The SOLD seminar series constitutes a focal point with the aim of promoting research.

On MDU Play you can watch some of the seminars/webinars External link, opens in new window.

Previous SOLD seminar series:

Download SOLD seminar pdf for 2021 Pdf, 107.7 kB.

Download SOLD seminar pdf for 2020 Pdf, 107.5 kB.

Download SOLD seminar pdf for 2019 Pdf, 99.7 kB.

Download SOLD seminar pdf for pre2019 Pdf, 1.2 MB.

Research groups within the research environment

Ecocritical Forum: Literature Studies

Ecocriticism is an interdisciplinary field of research directed towards analysis primarily of literary fiction, but also other types of texts against the background of the discussion of sustainable development.

Read more about Ecocritical Forum: Literature Studies

MIND (Mälardalen INteraction and Didactics) research group

MIND (Mälardalen INteraction and Didactics) research group investigates discursive and interactional practices embedded in teaching and learning activities. Our research aims to enhance the quality of teaching and teacher education by sustaining collaboration between Mälardalen University and its partner schools in the region. The close collaboration is based on conducting research in classrooms and beyond where both teacher candidates and tutors become a part of the research.

Read more about MIND (Mälardalen INteraction and Didactics) research group

Ongoing research projects

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