Information about the Coronavirus and Covid-19

Gradual return to regular teaching after 9 February.

Last update: 9 February

On 3 February, the Government announced that most of the restrictions and recommendations put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus will be removed on 9 February. The Government recommends that universities that have partly transitioned to remote teaching return to regular teaching and examination gradually.

When MDU switched to increased distance teaching in January 2022, it was based on the specific prerequisites of each course. Since the scope differs between the various courses, it also affects how quickly the return to normal activities can take place. A successful return means a smooth transition where we make sure to minimise chopping and changing plans for teachers and students while not incurring more delays than necessary. If you are a student, you can find information about what applies to your courses on Canvas and on the online timetable.

The following also applies after 9 February:

  • It is important that if you are sick and suspect that you have Covid-19 that you continue to stay at home and avoid close contact with other people.

  • If the teacher becomes ill, the teaching may switch to digital format at short notice.

  • For those who are pregnant, the authorities’ recommendations apply. In case of placement (practicum internship) the guidelines and directives of the receiving organisations apply. The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s information on Covid-19 and pregnancy applies.

  • MDU will continue with certain measures to reduce the spread of infection even after the restrictions have been lifted. Major events such as the Completion Ceremony, trade fairs and open house may take place digitally during the winter when the risk of the spread of infection remains high.



The University is currently discussing with the Infection Control Doctors in the Sörmland and Västmanland Regions to allow students and staff to get vaccinated on campus again.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that everyone gets vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, for example, in the case of placement (VFU) in some workplaces, it may be impossible to conduct this placement due to the rules of the receiving organisation.

The teaching may be shifted to digital with three hours notice

In the event of the teacher having cold symptoms and can’t be on campus, he or she may either cancel the teaching or shift it to being digital.
If the teacher shifts a session to digital teaching the following applies:

  • For teaching between 8 and 11 in the morning the teacher announces the shift at the latest 17.00 the day before.

  • For teaching after 11 in the morning the teacher announces the shift at least 3 hours before the teaching session.

  • If the need to shift occurs after the deadlines mentioned above, the teaching session must be cancelled.

If the teacher cancel the teaching or shifts it to being digital, you will get the information through the online timetable and Canvas.

Please bring your laptop and headset to campus, to be able to participate even if the teaching is shifted to being digital.

Get advice and support from Student Health Care

At the Student Health Care, you as a student can come to get advice and support on health issues. A health advisor and several counsellors are available for you there so that you will have the care you need during your studies.

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