Faculty members - Academy of Music and Opera at Mälardalen University

The faculty members have extensive and international experience both as musicians and teachers, as well as a wide network of contacts within the field of Music and Opera.

Vocal department

Picture of Lena Hellström Färnlöf

Lena Hellström-Färnlöf

Professor and Artistic Director

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Bengt-Åke Lundin

Vocal coach/Pianist

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Picture of Magnus

Magnus Svensson

Vocal coach/Pianist

Wind department

Peter Fridholm


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Verity Gunning-Olsson


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Emil Jonason


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Henrik Blixt


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Johan Ahlin

French horn

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Johan Axelsson


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Håkan Björkman


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Karl-Johan Elf


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Asuka Nakamura

Instrumental Coach/Pianist

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Bengt-Åke Lundin

Vocal coach/Pianist

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String department

Bartosz Cajler


Göran Fröst


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Ola Karlsson


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Mats Nilsson

Double Bass

Asuka Nakamura

Instrumental Coach/Pianist

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Piano and organ

Staffan Sandström


Johan Hammarström


Music theory

Björn Linnman

Music theory.

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Visiting teachers

Alexander Niclasson – Artistic Director of Opera på Skäret.

Anders Hillborg – Composer

Anita McAllister- Speech Therapist and Associate Professor at Karolinska institutet

Ann Wallström – Senior Lecturer at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Early Music

Birgitta Svendén – CEO The Royal Opera, Court Singer, formerly Vice-Chancellor of the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm, honorary doctor at MDU: Art in Society

Carl Unander-Scharin - Professor, Karlstad University, Composer: Artistic research

Christian Lindberg - Trombone soloist, Conductor, Composer

Elin Rombo – Court Singer

Eva Nässén - Professor, Baroque Gesture

Eva Sundgren – Professor, Swedish

François le Roux – Professor, Baritone

Gregor Bergman - Opera Improvisation

Gustav Bergel – Swedish Music

Göran Gademan – Göteborg Opera

Göran Månsson – Percussion- Early Music

Helena Olsson – Speech Therapist

Hermann Stefánsson – Solo Clarinettist, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Inger Orre - Journalist and Associate Professor at Mälardalen University

Jan Fagius – Professor at Uppsala University about Musiken och Hjärnan (Music and the Brain)

Jan Ling – Professor Emeritus at the University of Gothenburg

Johan Glaumann – Speech Trainer

Johan Hammarström – Cathedral Organist, Conductor

Johan Hansson Lindström - Harpsichordist and Organist

Johan Sundberg – Professor Emeritus, KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology), Vocal Coach

Karin Modigh – Dancer and Choreographer Workshop with dances from the Baroque era

Catarina Gnosspelius – Stage Director, CEO Läckö Castle’s Summer Opera

Kjell Fageus – Mental Training

Leif Karlsson – Pulse – the heartbeat of music!

Lena Johnson – Senior Lecturer in Piano at Örebro University

Liz Upchurch - Pianist, Vocal Coach and Head of the Canadian Opera Company Ensemble Studio.

Magnus Jansson – Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature at Mälardalen University

Nils Spangenberg – Stage Director, CEO and Artistic Director of Vadstena akademin

Olivier Godin – Pianist, Vocal Coach and Professor at the McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Patrik Sörling- Stage Director and Choreographer

Peter Frost – Danish diction

Petter Sundkvist – Professor, Piteå School of Music at the Luleå University of Technology, NEO - Contemporary Music

Philip Zandén – Stage Director and Actor

Rikard Gateau - Artistic Director of Västmanlandsmusiken

Simon Crawford Phillips – Chief Conductor, Västerås Sinfonietta, Concert Pianist

Turid Karlsen – Professor of Vocal Music, College of Music, Hamburg

Thi Tran Tam Ngoc Concert Pianist, Vietnam National Academy of Music