Augmented reality Integration in Industry 4.0

Do you want to understand how to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) in your production process? Then this course is for you.

ARC Commercial Augmented Reality integration in Industry 4 0, on Youtube External link.

About the course

The purpose of the course is to provide an in-depth introduction about the ecosystems needed for deployment of industrial AR applications, as well as an approach to evaluating their potential value.

Students will focus on industrial environments and be introduced to the interplay of AR with other Industry 4.0 aspects such as automation, etc. Furthermore, the students will investigate the potential value of AR solutions to their business.

The course will take a form of a MOOC with a series of video lectures, exercises and supplementary reading materials.

You will learn to:

  • Understand ecosystem needed for AR.
  • Identify scenarios where AR is applicable and beneficial.
  • Investigate ecosystem integration of applied AR design methodology.
  • Evaluate AR solution in regard to ecosystem.

The course is part of the projekt Augmented Reality and Cybersecurity (ARC)


Leo teaches in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins and
Augmented and Artificial Intelligence.

Barrett works as a lecturer to bring the Augmented and Virtual Reality
technologies into the courses within Production and Product Development.