Digitally-enabled Production 7.5 hp

This course, Digitally-enabled production, is offered in a collaboration between Mälardalen University (MDU), Högskolan Väst (HV) and Linnéuniversitetet (LNU).

The course will be given between September - December 2021.

The course aims to support and facilitate our partner manufacturing companies to become competitive in digitally-enabled production. During the course, we address the potential prerequisites and capabilities required for implementing industry 4.0 in the context of an overall production system. More specifically, we increase the competence base of companies in three areas—internal logistics systems, virtual factory, and sensor and signal processing—which can holistically interconnect the key components for the successful implementation of industry 4.0.

This course consists of three interconnected course modules at an advanced level and it is offered between September and December 2021.

Figure: The relation between three course modules and the overall course package idea. All three course modules have an equal credits and similar distribution of workload.

Benefits to companies

  • Course covers the holistic perspective of industry 4.0 implementation including overall plant level, production cell level, component and system level, and describes how to interconnect them in an efficient way.

  • Course gives a possibility for industrial practitioners to work on real industrial cases from their own companies with the expert supervision from three universities.

  • Course supports theory and practical elaboration through laboratory works, experiments, and onsite seminars.

  • Course gives access to experts in each area, which are complimentary to address the complex challenges in industry 4.0 implementation.

  • Course facilitates access to larger industrial network and possibility to exchange ideas and experiences within the network.

  • A possibility to continue with the optional course, 2,5 credits, after the end of 7,5 credits if one like to conduct a business case on industry 4.0 within their company.

Eligibility requirements

A completed Bachelor's degree from an institution of higher education of three years or more, equivalent to 180 credits, within the fields of Technology/Engineering. In addition, English course A/English course 6 is required.

We apply validation of work experience to determine if applicants have sufficient knowledge that meets the eligibility requirements for the course. You do not, in most cases, need to have completed a whole university bachelor’s degree to participate in the course.


Course agenda and schedule

Figure: The course structure and schedule offered by MDU, HV, and LNU.

MDU module:
Course introduction, 10/09, 09:00-12:00, Online session
First seminar, 17/09, 09:00-12:00, Online session
Physical meeting, 23-24/09, noon to noon
Final seminar, 8/10, 09:00-12:00, Online session

HV module:
First meeting, 15/10, 09:00-16:00, Online session
Q&A and supervision, 28/10, 09:00-12:00, Online session
Physical meeting, 3-4/11, noon to noon
Final seminar, 11/11, 09:00-12:00, Online session

LNU module:
First meeting, 19/11, 09:00-16:00, Online session
Lecture and exercises, 26/11, 09:00-12:00, Online session
Physical meeting, 9-10/12, noon to noon
Final seminar and course completion, 16/12, 09:00-12:00, Online session

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Digitally-enabled Production 7.5 hp

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