Do you want to learn how to ensure securse management of AR technology within an industrial context?

About the course

Given that the complexity of IT systems is increasing, there is also an increased risk of vulnerability. This leads to a situation where it is becoming increasingly important to take cyber security and potential threats seriously. This is particularly important when we are trying to apply AR in the context of an industry 4.0 system. With the integration of AR in industrial environments, new attack surfaces are emerging that malicious actors can exploit.

You will learn how to assess industrial AR threats, their potential impact on the facilities and employees, and how to mitigate these threats.

The course will also provide opportunities to apply new knowledge in use-cases of industrial relevance.

You will learn to

  • Describe specific threat attack surfaces in Industry 4.0 environments connected to Augmented Reality
  • Analyze the potential impact of the attacks involving AR on the Industry 4.0 environment.
  • Apply methods in order to prevent potential cyber-attacks.
  • Demonstrate how modeling and design can be used to ensure the security of AR applications.


Below you find the entry requirements for the course. If you do not fulfill the requirements, you can get your eligibility evaluated based on knowledge acquired in other ways, such as work experience, other studies etcetera. Read more in Application information below.