The aim of this course is to give students insight about certification and about what it means to certify/self-assess safety- critical systems with focus on software system and to create a safety case, including a multi-concern perspective when needed and reuse opportunities, when appropriate.

About the course

The course includes three modules:

Module 1 - Introduction to safety certification

This module is expected to:

  1. give an introduction to certification of safety-critical systems;

  2. transfer knowledge and skills on process vs product/ component vs system/ single system vs family of systems certification/qualification. It will also explain the relation between the following concepts: safety-critical systems, safety culture, development processes according to supplier and manufacturer perspective, certification,” the safety case”. Challenges concerning reuse of certification artifacts and its systematization will be highlighted via reuse scenarios.

Module 2: Standards, certification, and compliance

This module is expected to:

  1. give an overview of standards used as a baseline for certification;

  2. transfer knowledge and skills on various standards (focus on 1 standard e.g., ISO 26262) and their role in the certification process;

  3. state of the art overview on compliance management. The usage of some selected and open-source tools enabling provision of compliance-related artifacts will be illustrated, if appropriate.

Module-3: Modelling methods

This module is expected to:

  1. give an overview of modelling methods needed for the provision and reuse of certification artifacts;

  2. transfer knowledge and skills on various modelling methods for the provision of certification artifacts (process as well as product related) of safety-critical systems. The usage of some selected and open-source tools enabling provision and reuse of certification artifacts will be illustrated.

You will learn to

  • explain fundamental concepts related to safety certification
  • create process-related compliance management artifacts
  • apply modelling methods stemming from state-of-the-art safety standards for developing reusable certification artifacts for safety-critical (software) systems.


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