Pre-register to join the co-creation process

To join the conference program co-creation process and gain access to the Forum where it will take place, we need you to pre-register for the conference by using the link on this page. This pre-registration is non-binding and does not involve any fees. Once pre-registered you will be able to create login credentials to access the forum and start co-creating with the other pre-registered participants.

The pre-registration and co-creation process is open during the period 2022.05.01- 2022.12.31. Please note there is a maximum limit of 300 participants in the co-creation process, so we may close the pre-registration option prior to this date.

Final conference registration (open during the period 2022.11.01 - 2023.04.30) will be available to all, including those that have not pre-registered and participated in the co-creation process.

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