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Help make this conference one you want to attend.

The interdisciplinary nature of health and welfare technology development, and the diversity of stakeholders involved, means that many actors need to be involved. Developing a health and welfare technology conference program should be no different. So, all pre-registered participants can help create the conference program using a unique online process, summarized below. The detailed process can also be downloaded as a .pdf file here.

  1. Pre-register and join the co-creation forum.

Pre-registration is non-binding and requires no payment, but you’ll need to do it to access the moderated online forums where the discussions that create the conference program take place. Once pre-registered, you’ll receive login credentials for the co-creation forum. Contributions can be made during the period 2022.05.01 to 2022.12.31.

2. Suggest focus areas for the 5 main themes.

The five main themes provide an overarching framework for the conference; everything else needs to be created. The next level is the focus areas for each theme, which provide more specific discussion topics within each theme. You can suggest focus areas for inclusion in the program in the forum, or add ideas, comments, or support to other participants’ suggestions.

3. Suggest the specific topics and formats for the focus areas.

This is the final program level to be co-created. You’ll need to think about the topics you’d like to see presented or discussed at the conference, almost at the scientific abstract level. This will help you, and others, when deciding about your own prospective submissions for presentation at the conference. You can also suggest what format the topics should be presented - for example, as oral presentations, discussion forums, expert panels, digital posters, showcase/exhibition, or other format. Be creative, but remember: this is a hybrid conference. Formats must be inclusive for both online and in-person participants.

4. Register for the conference, and submit a contribution if you like.

Once you’ve helped creating the conference program, you’ll probably want to attend! You can confirm your online or in-person participation by completing the full registration and pay the conference fee. Fully registered participants are able to send in their conference contributions for presentation or discussion, which will then be reviewed by the conference committee. You can submit contributions even if the conference program co-creation process is not finished. Accepted contributions will be notified by 2023.02.28 at the latest.

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