The Health and Welfare Technology
Co-Creation Conference


Welcome to the conference created by important stakeholders in digital health and welfare technologies.


Like you.

What it's about

It’s an interdisciplinary international scientific conference on digital health and welfare technologies. The conference’s six primary themes are the starting point, and the rest is designed by the participants. You can attend online or in person.The PREVIVE research group at Mälardalen University in Sweden External link. is the host.

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How it works

Pre-register to help form the conference themes and structures, using the online forums open March to June. If you like what you see, complete your registration. Contributions for presentation or discussion can then be sent in.

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Who is invited


  • Academic and industry researchers
  • Developers and providers of digital health technologies
  • Public and private sector providers of health and social care
  • User group representatives and advocates
  • Decision makers in health and social care systems


  • Social sciences
  • Health and medical sciences
  • Organisational sciences
  • Economic sciences
  • Computer sciences
  • Engineering sciences

Key dates

The conference will take place 2023.05.03 to 2023-05.04, online and in-person at Mälardalen University campus in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The co-creation process and registration dates are found to the right.

Conference program co-creation and pre-registration

This is the period for particpating in the co-creation of the conference program via the online forums; non-binding pre-registration is required during the period
2022.05.01- 2022.12.31 (8 month window) to access the forums.

Conference contribution submission and review

This is the period for submitting conference abstracts, posters, presentations etc. that you would like to present at the conference. This must be completed online 2022.11.01- 2023.01.31. The link for submissions will be posted on this website and in the co-creation forums during this 3 month window. Accepted contributions for presentation/discussion will be notified at the latest 2023.02.28.

Conference final registration

This is the period for registering to participate in the conference online or in-person. The final registration link will be posted on this website and in the co-creation forums during this 4-5 month window.

2022.11.01- 2023.04.30 for online participants
2022.11.01- 2023.03.31 for in-person participants

Get in touch

If, after looking around the website, you still have any questions about the conference, feel free to drop us a message via the following email address: