Practical information


The National Forum will take place at the Mälardalen University campus in Västerås, about two kilometres north of the train station.

All scheduled activities, apart from the lunches and the conference dinner, will take place in building R. The opening and closing sessions, as well as the keynote talks and some of the paper presentations and discussion sessions, will take place in lecture hall Pi, but rooms R1-121, R1-141 and R1-142 will also be used for some sessions.

For the easiest way to get to the conference, please enter the R building directly, avoiding the university's main entrance leading to buildings T and U. Close to the bottom of this page External link, opens in new window., there is a link called "Lokaler Västerås" that leads to a pdf file showing the buildings and rooms at MDU Västerås (Pi and the R1 rooms are on page 11).

Please note that there are limited parking options in the vicinity of the campus.


Hotels in Västerås are quickly filling up 26-28 April, so please book at your earliest convenience!

A list of hotels can be found, for example, on the webpage of the Västerås tourism office linked to at the bottom of this page. Some of them have a statligt avtal with MDU, so check whether your visiting the university can get you a discount. We have also received concrete offers from individual hotels:

Things to do in Västerås

The old town in Västerås is definitely something to see, with houses from back in the 18th century, and old narrow streets. You can start your walk from the conference venue, and following this map External link, opens in new window. you can reach the cathedral External link, opens in new window. through the old part of town.

You can walk or ride your bike by the river External link, opens in new window.. You can start your walk from the city centre and keep going until you reach Vallby (or even further if you like).

Visit Vallby Open Air Museum to experience historical Swedish life in authentic environments. Entry is free.The museum External link, opens in new window. is only a 10-minute bike ride away from the university. You can also take the local (number 4) bus from the train station.This map External link, opens in new window. shows how to get from Mälardalen University to Vallby Open Air museum by bike (use the river walk for the shortest way on foot).

Go for a stroll or a bike ride along the shores of Lake Mälaren, where the old industrial port is gradually being transformed into a modern residential area. The route takes you through marinas, parks, restaurants, cafés, and a spectacular hotel built inside a 100-year old steam power plant.Here’s a map showing the way starting in Vasaparken External link, opens in new window., close to the train station.

Västerås City Museum (Karlsgatan 2, free entrance) is a museum of Swedish and Nordic regional culture and history as well as contemporary art. It is justa few minutes’ walk from the train station External link, opens in new window..

Maps and brochures about Västerås External link, opens in new window.

Official Västerås tourism website External link, opens in new window.

Picture of a river and a couple of red houses