Travel information

Here is some information about how to reach Västerås.

By flight

Stockholm Arlanda airport is the Sweden’s largest airport and served by a wide range of airline companies. You transfer from Arlanda to Västerås through Flixbus or Nettbuss and the trip takes about 1 h 30 min.

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By train

Mälardalen university is conveniently situated about a 15–20 minutes walk from the train station. SJ's trains run regularly to and from Stockholm and Göteborg. The trip to Stockholm takes about 1 hour.

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Local transportation and campus map

Västerås is a town that is easily accessible by foot. Should you however wish to go by bus, there are local buses (fuelled on bio-gas, produced on local waste).

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Cashless society

Most forms of public transport, including trams and airport buses, are now completely cash free.

Information about Västerås

Västerås is Sweden’s 6th largest city and in the municipality (the city and the surrounding areas) there are about 150.000 inhabitants. It is also one of the oldest towns in the country and was an important town in Medieval Sweden. When the steel industry developed in Sweden, in the 13th century, Västerås became an important port town, situated on Lake Mälaren which is connected to the Baltic Sea.

During the industrialisation era in the 19th and 20th centuries, Västerås again developed a lot and several companies were started here: ABB (originallly called as ASEA) and H&M probably being the most internationally well-known ones. Today, Västerås is a nice place to visit.

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