Previous editions

The first After Method in Organization Studies event took place at Stockholm University School of Business in October 2013. Together with an international and interdisciplinary group of lecturers, the participants discussed issues related to research methods based on the common understanding that the world is messy and constantly changing, and that these challenges established methods for developing scientific knowledge. The second and the third conference were arranged at Mälardalen University in 2015 and 2017 and, since the question is complex, the After Method conference is planned to be a recurring event, where researchers can meet to discuss, share experiences and develop knowledge about methodology together.

Encouraged by the enthusiasm of the participants in the previous editions, the fourth After Method conference is arranged as a 2-day event along with a pre-conference Doctoral workshop that will be run on June 2, 2021.

The invited speakers have always been invited to challenge the participants to think differently regarding social science methodology. Previous inspirators included:

  • Sebastian Abrahansson, University of Amsterdam (2013)

  • Viviane Sergi, Université du Québec à Montréal (2013)

  • Hervé Corvellec, Lund University (2013)

  • Jenny Helin, Uppsala University (2013)

  • Marcus Hällgren, Umeå University (2015)

  • Barbara Czarniawska, University of Gothenburg (2015)

  • Tommy Jensen, Stockholm University (2015)

  • Brontë van der Horn, University of Southern Queensland (2017)

  • John Law, Open University (2017)

  • Siriol Joyner, Choreographer, Aberystwyth, Wales (2017)

  • Phil Smith, Playmouth University (2017)

  • Richard Wolfstrome, Creative Director, Brighton (2017)