Meet your future colleagues

Do you need to recruit employees or want to create a profile on campus? There are a variety of options available at Mälardalen University for you as an employer if you wish to get to know and get in contact with our students.

Advertise job vacancies

Through our Ad Portal, you can advertise job vacancies, summer jobs, trainee places and extra jobs both in Sweden and abroad, free of charge.

Högvarv - the labour market trade fair

Every year, Mälardalen Student Union organises the Högvarv Labour Market Trade Fair with the aim to connect Mälardalen University’s students with employers.

Högvarv is visited by up to 70 companies and thousands of students. The Student Union offers exhibition spaces, the chance to give lectures and mingling opportunities. Whether you're looking for students to take on summer jobs, students for degree projects, students on placements or just want to showcase your company – this is the place for you!


  • 2024-02-06
  • 2024-02-08
6/2 MDU Eskilstuna and 8/2 MDU Västerås
Save the date for Högvarv - the labour market trade fair.

Book an exhibition space in both our campuses

At Mälardalen University’s Västerås campus there is an exhibition space available where employers can showcase their organisation and connect with students and future employees. Here, employers can meet students, inform them about job vacancies, degree projects, placements and receive expressions of interest.

Please fill in your details in the forms to send an expression of interest to book a space.