Collaborate with MDU

Mälardalen University is founded on collaboration and people say that it is in the University’s DNA. When the University was founded in 1977 it fulfilled several needs in the region, and close cooperation with both the private and public sectors was quickly developed.

Today collaboration is a self-evident part of education and research. The University also has several strategic collaboration projects and collaboration agreements with companies and the public sector.

Get help from the University to develop your organisation

For MDU, collaboration with the surrounding community is important. Therefore there are several opportunities for collaboration partners, together with researchers and students, to identify challenges and then work together to find solutions. By means of their degree projects, students can study different organisations and find new approaches. More in-depth research can be conducted in projects in which researchers and externally employed doctoral students in industries and municipalities cooperate with companies and the public sector.

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Thesis and degree project - Let a student do the work!

More and more companies, municipalities and organisations are realising the advantages of involving students in their activities. A student has new research-based knowledge and can often come with new approaches, solve problems and develop the organisation.

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Meet your future colleagues

Do you need to recruit employees or want to create a profile on campus? There are a variety of options available at MDU for you as an employer if you wish to get to know and get in contact with our student.

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Externally employed doctoral students – the link between working life and university

An externally employed doctoral student is a research student who is employed in a company or municipality and who carries out research studies during employment, while a doctoral student in a municipality carries out research studies at the University and at the same time works within the municipality.

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