Research on new ways of working with welfare services

Procurement of health and welfare technologies can be a complicated process, especially if several types of technologies are to be procured in different rounds.

Drönare flyger iväg med en akutväska.

In addition, there is the mapping of needs, application and training in the technology, change management, decommissioning of old systems, etc. which can require a surprising amount of resources. And perhaps with several suppliers involved. What would happen if you procured everything you could imagine needing in the long term in one go?

That's exactly what Eskilstuna municipality did recently. They procured an ‘end-to-end’ provider of welfare services to make sure they have everything they need not only now but also for the next 8 years, including everything related to technology. There are likely to be tens of thousands of residents and employees who may be supported by technology, at many stages of their lives and in many situations. Of course, this requires a great deal of insight on the part of the municipality, to both identify and recognise the needs, understand how the benefits may arise, and calculate how it has happened.

The Centre for Welfare Change is a partner in this crucial work to support the municipality's choices, evaluate the impact of the provider's work, and also follow the unique model chosen by the municipality. The knowledge development and dissemination of this collaboration is expected to be great, both within the municipality's operations and for other actors in Sweden who are thinking about how their own work with health and welfare technology should become more scientific and thus evaluable.

The municipality, the provider, and the Centre will collaborate around common desired outcomes, what impacts have actually been achieved, and how the benefits to individuals and society will be calculated.

Read more about the project regarding the Holistic Delivery of Welfare Services (Helhetsleverans av välfärdstjänster), Eskilstuna kommun External link.