Effects of the introduction of welfare technology in Västerås

The risk of falls, absconding, and the need for physical supervision in residential and nursing homes place high demands on staff and can have a significant impact on residents' quality of life.

Kvinnlig vårdare hjälper äldre man upp ur säng.

Health and wellbeing technologies can help staff deal with these challenges, but they require a lot of resources to purchase, set up and use. Changing or dismantling existing practices can also create frustration and confusion. How do you know that the technology will have the desired effect?

Will the health and welfare technologies introduced since 2023 in 13 elderly and service homes lead to improvements for users and staff? The Centre for Welfare Change and the Municipality of Västerås will work together to find out if the physical safety, health and independence of users increase compared to before the technology was introduced. Comparisons will also be made to see if the physical accessibility of staff increases.

Different methods will be used to measure the results, such as looking at routines, logs, and staff experiences. The results of the survey will help to adjust technology and practices to achieve better outcomes for users and staff. Dissemination of knowledge is a priority of the evaluation.

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