SACSys - Safe and Secure Adaptive Collaborative Systems

In SACSys, a research project, the focus is on ensuring run-time safety and cyber-security guarantees for time-critical collaborative adaptive systems. The project includes three subprojects - CASSA, APAC, and RTCloud - to recognize and define safety and security requirements with time-criticality features in adaptive systems, design behavioral models at run-time to analyze and check conformance of the safety and security requirements, and execute analysis of such models in a cloud-based platform with real-time guarantees, respectively. The project involves coproduction with Swedish industrial giants, including Volvo Cars, Volvo GTO, Volvo CE, and ABB Robotics, who will provide requirements, use cases, and guidance for research focus and implementation. The results of SACSys are expected to increase the business prospects of the industrial partners by providing solutions that will strengthen their competitiveness in designing collaborative adaptive system products and services.

Project manager at MDU: Marjan Sirjani