Development of Robust Production Equipment

A guide to effective collaboration between users and suppliers.


Effective collaboration between users and suppliers is crucial for the development of robust production equipment, which is essential for competitiveness and profitability in the manufacturing industry. This handbook presents a model developed through the "EQUIP - User-supplier integration in production equipment design" project, which focuses on projects that involve collaboration between users and suppliers and is funded by the Knowledge Foundation 2013-2016.

Illustration of people discussion a over a construction site. Text in the image says Development of Robust Production Equipment - A guide to effective collaboration between users and suppliers

Illustrations by Lova Delfin

The model consists of seven development phases based on the production equipment life cycle:

  • Phase 1 – Preliminary study
  • Phase 2 – Concept study
  • Phase 3 – Procurement
  • Phase 4 – Detailed design
  • Phase 5 – Construction
  • Phase 6 – Installation and commissioning
  • Phase 7 – Production

In each phase, critical activity steps and recommendations are presented for how to distribute responsibility within and between the parties involved. The model adopts a life cycle perspective for development projects in order to facilitate collaboration and to more clearly visualise the link between activities and their impact on the project success.

Within the scope of an investment project, there is a great potential for developing sustainable product solutions. For this reason, this handbook also presents seven guidelines that may provide you with support in developing production equipment that remains secure, lean and sustainable throughout the equipment life cycle.

The main purpose of the handbook is to facilitate collaboration through the whole investment project in a way that benefits both parties and which contributes to lasting relationships. The results of the research project show that there is a great interest in improved collaboration from both users and suppliers. For this reason, support, tools and preparedness from both parties are required to venture into investing time and resources in collaboration from the beginning, in the early phases of a new development project. This is then the potential to lay the foundation for long-term collaboration and for designing the best possible production equipment in the shortest time possible.


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