Central Node of AI Sweden

Guidance and assistance toward AI transformation in Västmanland, Sörmland, and Örebro County

AI Sweden is the national center for applied artificial intelligence, jointly funded by the Swedish government and public and private partners. AI Sweden's mission is to increase the use of AI for the benefit of society and Swedish competitiveness. AI Sweden operates nodes geographically spread across all of Sweden.

The recent collaboration between Mälardalen University and Örebro University, which has been hosting a node since 2019, has resulted in the establishment of the new "Central Node" of AI Sweden, covering Västmanland, Sörmland, and Örebro County. The central node is focused on aiding companies and the public sector in expediting the use of applied AI through business development support, skill-matching, and education.

The organizations that collaborate with the Central Node of AI Sweden can expect to receive assistance in assessing their own AI maturity, identifying their requirements and challenges, and receiving guidance for their next steps towards transformation.

Furthermore, the central node aims to create a robust ecosystem within industry, academia, and the public sector, and to expedite innovation and applied research by being firmly established and actively engaged with the ecosystem.