Creating the future of production

“In the midst of every crisis lies a great opportunity”. The well-known quote certainly applies to today's unprecedented changes in the manufacturing industry.

The world that most production companies are designed for, is disappearing as we speak. The era of standardization and predictability is being overwritten by new trends and challenges. Against this backdrop, a genuinely holistic understanding of the future of manufacturing is required to leverage the transformation. Let us be honest, for some companies, that can be a matter of survival.

Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to tackling the challenges together with the forward-thinking manufacturers, who are looking for alternative ways to create and capture value.

Even though the era of digital transformation has started decades ago, the picture has dramatically changed in recent years, when the world faced two external shocks of historic proportions.

It became clear, that the established working methods, techniques, and models in their current form do not meet the challenges companies face. Those are simply not good enough anymore. The unprecedented pace of digital transformation requires new competencies. At the same time, with ongoing climate debate, and new and upcoming EU regulations, sustainability as the second worldwide imperative comes into play with all its complexity.

Researchers enjoy being challenged. Here at the center, we view ourselves as a catalyst for smart and sustainable production by connecting industry needs to academic research and education, facilitating the transition to a sustainable, digital, and resilient industry.

It is an exciting area with the valuable opportunity to see the results of our research work implemented almost immediately, as the tasks come from industry, which is demand-based. The cutting-edge Tech center is equipped with robots, co-bots, VR / AR technologies, 3D printers, and a complete cyber-physical production system, providing a safe testing environment for our industry partners and fantastic learning opportunities for students.

We have knowledge, expertise, methodologies, and tools that help manufacturers to adapt and benefit from the digital technologies, turning challenges into opportunities. We invite researchers, students, and industrial companies to join our mission to drive sustainable production in the digital age. We are not predicting the future, we are creating it.

Jessica Bruch, Professor in Production System