• Study location MDU campus Eskilstuna, Hamngatan 15
  • 2023-06-15 – 2023-06-16

Completion Ceremony

Will you be graduating soon? We wish to invite all of you who are in your final semester at MDU – welcome to attend our Completion Ceremony. Please note registration is necessary!

We are delighted that so many students will graduate in June – a total of 1600 degree programme students from 60 different programmes and additional students who have taken freestanding courses. We wish to thank you and celebrate with all of you, which is why we are arranging the Completion Ceremony over two days.

To celebrate your graduation, you are invited to attend one of our five Completion Ceremonies on 15 or 16 June 2023. Chat with your student friends about which ceremony you would like to attend. Please register then for that ceremony – bear in mind it’s on a first come, first served basis.


As there are so many of you who will be graduating, guests will not be able to join you in the lecture theatre during the ceremony. Instead, your guests will be invited to watch a live ceremony in another location on the campus. You are allowed to register a maximum of two people for this. After the ceremony, you can celebrate together with sparkling wine and canapés.

Other guests

Your other guests are welcome to come directly to the mingle area in the lobby, where you can celebrate together after the ceremony – no registration is required for this.


If you are a student studying one of our programmes and you're in your final semester, you have receive an invitation by email (check your junk mail). If you are studying at a faster pace or have taken individual courses corresponding to a programme, these aren’t listed in the same way as degree programme students, however you are of course welcome to register. You are also welcome to participate even if you still have supplementary qualifications to take in your studies.

Questions and answers

We have compiled a number of frequently asked questions and answers about the Completion Ceremony.

Dates and times

Thursday 15 June

Ceremony 1: Thursday 15 June, Ceremony at 13:00–14:00 and mingle from 14:00–15:00

Ceremony 2: Thursday 15 June, Ceremony at 16:00–17:00 and mingle from 17:00–18:00

Friday 16 June

Ceremony 3: Friday 16 June, Ceremony at 10:00–11:00 and mingle from 11:00–12:00

Ceremony 4: Friday 16 June, Ceremony at 13:00–14:00 and mingle from 14:00–15:00

Ceremony 5: Friday 16 June, Ceremony at 16:00–17:00 and mingle from 17:00–18:00


So that all students feel welcome, some items on the agenda will be presented in Swedish and others in English. The ceremony will run for about 60 minutes, after which there will be a mingle where sparkling wine and canapés will be served.

  • Sara Olofsson, Master of ceremonies, welcomes everyone to the event
  • Performances by students from the Academy of Music and Opera at MDU
  • Speeches by both famous and lesser-known people
  • Award Ceremony and speech by the alum of the year
  • Cheers and applause – a screen will display the name of the students who are participating in the Completion Ceremony
  • Performance by Anna Karlsson, stand-up comedian and alumna
  • The students walk across the stage in a row, get a flower and exit the lecture theatre
  • Students will receive their diplomas outside the lecture theatre
  • Mingle in the large lobby


Attendance at the Ceremony is voluntary and no formal documents will be handed out in connection with the Ceremony but we really hope that you will come to celebrate the day together with us. Please register yourself and your guests no later than 31 May.


  1. Chat with your student friends about which ceremony you should register for.

  2. Please register yourself as soon as possible – remember it’s on a first come, first served basis!

  3. Arrive on time - the lecture theatre will open 30 minutes before the ceremony starts – no late admissions allowed.

  4. On graduation day, we suggest that you group yourselves according to your programme on the large staircase in the lobby, to take a group photo and capture the memories of the day.

  5. Make your graduation day extra memorable, by gathering according to your programme before or after the Completion Ceremony.

After the Completion Ceremony


When you have completed your studies you can apply for a degree certificate, which shows that you have gained knowledge and skills, in a specific area through your studies. Each student must apply for their degree themselves upon completion of their course or study programme.

How to apply for a degree certificate 


Alumni network

If you have studied at MDU, you are an alum and you are always warmly welcome back to the University. There are many benefits to staying connected with MDU, even when you have finished studying.

Find out more about the advantages of being an alum and register today.

Contact Information

For questions about your registration please contact Travel Team, kongress@travelteam.se or 010–188 25 00.

For questions about the Completion Ceremony, please contact event@mdu.se.