• Study location MITC, Eskilstuna
  • 2022-10-13 12:30–16:30

Thesis and degree project day in Eskilstuna

Can your organisation be developed using new research-based knowledge and innovative approaches? Or do you have ideas that you don't have time to evaluate? Let a student do the work for you!

More and more organisations in both the private and public sectors, are recognising the benefits of involving students in their projects. Every year, Mälardalen University arranges thesis and degree project days, which are an excellent opportunity to present and profile your business and offer an ambitious student an exciting assignment with you.

How does it work?

All students conduct an independent project at the end of their education which is called a degree project, thesis or independent project, depending on the subject's focus and tradition. The degree project or thesis can be based on a proposal from an employer but can also be a study from the student's own initiative.

During the thesis and degree project days, you will get the chance to present your company and assignments at an exhibition stand, which allows for personal meetings between you and the students. In Eskilstuna, you can also give a short presentation about your degree projects to the students.

What are the benefits of involving a student?

There are several advantages of allowing a student to complete their degree project or thesis at your company:

  • A student with recent research-based knowledge can often come up with new ways of looking at a problem or an issue.
  • The student is used to taking the initiative, working independently and critically reviewing information.
  • The student is a prospective employee. This can be a fantastic opportunity to promote your company for recruiting purposes.

Read more here about assignments for theses and degree projects.

Current subjects and areas

This day will be organised together with MITC, and the focus is on industry and industry-related services. Students can complete a thesis or degree project in the following subjects and areas in Eskilstuna on 13 October:

  • Production, logistics, product development
  • Innovation
  • Information Design
  • Intelligent Embedded Systems
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Engineering

The exhibitions will present different subjects and areas at both locations.

Thesis and degree day in Västerås on 11 October

Students can complete a thesis or degree project in the following subjects and areas in Västerås on 11 October:

  • Health, healthcare and nursing (psychology, sociology, teaching and learning)
    Master’s (120 credits) programme in Occupational Sciences, Public Health Sciences, Physiotherapy with a specialisation in Behavioural Medicine, Social Work, Behavioural Science programme

  • Mathematics
    Bachelor’s programme and Master’s (120 credits) programme in Engineering Mathematics, Bachelor’s programme in Analytical Finance, Master’s (120 credits) programme in Financial Engineering

  • Sustainable construction, organisation
    Energy Engineering, Industrial Economics and Management, Environmental Engineering, Building Engineering, Political Science

  • Business, Marketing
    Business Administration, Marketing, International Marketing, International Business Management

  • Engineering and Technology
    Network Engineering programme, Intelligent Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics, Aeronautical Engineering, Dependable systems

Some companies exhibiting in Västerås


EnviLoop AB

Hitachi Energy

Köpings kommun, Vuxenutbildningen Kompetenscenter

LEAX Group

Leine Linde

Outokumpu Stainless AB

Region Sörmland

Sigma Industry Innovation

Transdev Sverige AB

Uponor AB

Volvo CE

Volvo Group Trucks Operations Senior Material (Europe) AB


Westermo Network Technologies AB

Would you like to take part?

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