Datum 2022-06-01
Artikeltyp News

New advertising portal for thesis subjects, degree projects and assignments

On MDU's advertising portal, employers can post their job vacancies, placements, project assignments or suggestions for thesis subjects and degree projects.

“There is enormous potential for the new portal – where employers in both the private and public sectors can advertise their assignments and be matched with students. We have seen a demand for this type of service for a long time, both from students and our collaborative partners," says Tiina Kikerpuu, Collaboration Coordinator at MDU.

Ahead of this autumn's Thesis and Degree Project Days, companies and organisations will be referred to the advertising portal. Here they can publish their proposals for thesis subjects and degree projects for students all year round. Remember that as a student you can often suggest subjects for thesis and degree projects yourself!

“Since the advertising portal is new, it may take some time before students, companies and organisations find their way there, but we will highlight and promote the service and hope to attract many relevant advertisers for our students.”

Thesis and degree project days

The thesis and degree project days are arranged for students who are going to write their thesis or degree project during the spring semester or autumn semester the following year. Here students can meet with companies and organisations to propose and discuss thesis and degree project proposals.

“For students, it is important to be prepared, even if the degree project will take place in the future and you don’t know now what you want to write about. This is an opportunity to meet with the organisations at an early stage and get an idea of what type of assignments are available, and already start making contacts or researching a subject area,” says Tiina Kikerpuu.

The degree project or thesis can be based on a proposal from an employer but can also be a study based on the student's own initiative.

The thesis and degree project days will be arranged this year on 11 October in Västerås and 13 October in Eskilstuna, together with MITC.

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