Nominate for the educational award 2023/24

This winter, recipients of the educational award at MDU will be named. From today until 31 December 2023, there is an opportunity for you who study or work at MDU to suggest who or who you think should receive the award.

The award will recognize MDU's teachers who engage their students. This can be done through teaching in an innovative and creative way, or by letting the students get in touch with their future employers early on in their education. The award can also go to someone who puts their students at the center, encouraging them to be curious, creative and to think critically. Take the opportunity to nominate the person or people who you think are a role model.

The award consists of a sum of SEK 50,000 and is awarded in connection with the Academic Ceremony, which will take place next time on April 5, 2024. The prize sum is distributed among the recipients if several are named prize winners and must be used to contribute to the educational development of the prize winner(s).

It is the Vice-Chancellor who makes the decision on who or which of the nominees will receive the award. Prior to the decision, a nomination committee with both teachers and students made a selection among the nominees.

The educational award was established to emphasize that the university values pedagogical skill and pedagogical development. For MDU, it is important to ensure good quality in the education, and in that case the teachers' efforts are absolutely decisive. Now there is an opportunity to pay attention to good pedagogues who, through innovative thinking or special efforts, contribute to a good learning environment at MDU.


Four categories for nomination

The criteria for the prestigious educational award cover the following categories:

Teaching efforts

The nominee(s) has demonstrated teaching prowess by enabling and developing learning for all students. The skill can be about how the teaching is designed, how students with different needs are taught or how students are stimulated to curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

Cooperation with colleagues or the students' future employers

The nominee(s) has shown commitment and ability to collaborate with colleagues at the university or representatives of the surrounding community. This can be, for example, by working actively to include elements of collaboration and/or co-production in the education through a collective responsibility for education with the students at the center.

Pedagogical management

The nominee/s have worked for the development of education and teaching through strategies, projects, realization of ideas or through the creation of meetings between the institution's staff and students with this aim.

Dissemination of educational models and results

The nominee(s) has worked systematically to spread good models and results for teaching regionally, nationally or internationally.


Why an educational prize?

MDU wants to promote educational development. By highlighting skilled teachers and other employees at the university, MDU not only puts pedagogical skill at the center, but also stimulates pedagogical development and further education. The award goes to outstanding efforts within education at the first and second cycle. MDU has awarded a joint educational award since 2013.

Who can be nominated?

Both individual employees, teaching teams, a department or a section can be nominated for the award. In the case of an individual employee, he or she must be permanently employed at MDU and have at least 50 percent of a full-time position.

Who can nominate?

Both students and employees at MDU can nominate one or more candidates for the educational award. Nominations can be made by both individuals and groups, at least one contact person must be specified.


How can we nominate?

Nomination takes place via the nomination form:

Nominate your candidate or candidates here

Welcome with Your nomination no later than 31 December 2023!

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