MDU and Westermo to help build a sustainable future

Jenny Sjödahl, CEO of Westermo and Martin Hellström vice-chancellor at Mälardalen University.

For many years MDU and Westermo have been collaborating on several research projects such as degree projects and study visits. The parties are now entering into a collaboration agreement to further enhance research and education to help build a sustainable region.

To create a sustainable region, Westermo and MDU are gearing up their cooperation efforts through a collaboration agreement. The agreement provides for a clear structure and development of the cooperation initiative to ensure a long-term perspective in the selected areas of research, education and lifelong learning. The agreement aims to reinforce research and educational efforts together to help build a sustainable region.

The collaboration agreement is in itself an important tool in the work to identify common areas of interest, prioritise activities and follow up on the efforts. We would like the agreement to help us establish more interfaces and promote more efficient contact channels between all of us, says Erika Olsson, Collaboration Coordinator at MDU. Together we will contribute and support one another in crucial development issues that will generate benefit and value for the region, Erika continues.

Westermo and MDU will together reinforce research and promote innovation in joint projects. By pooling resources and expertise in the projects in the collaboration agreement, the parties hope to find alternative ways of progress that will benefit them and society as a whole.

In the area of education, MDU and Westermo will together help the transition in MDU’s educational offering to ensure that the range of courses and programmes offered is relevant today and in the future.

By supporting selected degree programmes, we can give MDU’s students better conditions to contribute to the transition that society is currently facing, says Mikaela Näslund, VP of Research & Development at Westermo and continues, For instance, we will offer degree projects to students, but also provide expertise and knowledge in the shape of projects, guest lectures and study visits. When we combine theory with practice we can jointly reinforce the students’ ability and relevance of courses and study programmes offered.

Lifelong learning is crucial to creating and maintaining a sustainable region. As part of the collaboration agreement, Westermo's employees will therefore be able to gain new knowledge in relevant areas, and MDU's employees will have the opportunity to benefit from the latest industrial expertise.

Lifelong learning is about employees being able to keep up to date in areas such as technology development, digitalisation and leadership. We look forward to getting access to MDU's range of courses and programmes offered, but also to continuous updates from the latest research in several areas, says Elin Sandell, HR Specialist at Westermo.

About Westermo

Westermo is a world-leading company in the development of mission-critical data communication solutions. Since the establishment of the company in Stora Sundby in 1975 they have been driving development forward. The head office and the Swedish sales office are located in Kopparlunden in Västerås. Most of the manufacturing takes place in the company's factory located in the Västermo community outside Eskilstuna. Today, robust and secure network technology ensures that people all over the world have an easy and secure everyday life. Westermo currently has about 480 employees and a turnover of more than SEK 1 billion.

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