International Week 2024

Photo: Jonas Bilberg.

During International Week 2024, we brought together leaders from academia, politics, business, and civil society, to ask ourselves how we can collaborate internationally for a sustainable future, and what role academia and research play in this mission.

The International Week conference was hosted in response to a divided world and the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Recent developments in different parts of the world show that a lack of people-centred development is conducive to instability, conflicts and democratic regression.

The conference was based on MDU's collaborative and progressive approach, drawing inspiration from a longstanding tradition of partnership between universities in Rwanda, Sweden, and globally. Discussions centred on how research, innovation and technology can contribute to finding solutions for a sustainable future.

The theme of the conference was:

  • academia's responsibility in a troubled world
  • the impact of technology on society with a particular focus on AI
  • how we maximise the effects of research.

This is a glimpse from a few of the interviews we have done.

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