MDU invites the world to International Week 2024


MDU invites the world to International Week 2024

The problems facing society today are complex and need to be dealt with together, on a global level. Therefore, MDU is inviting you for the first time to International Week 2024. This hopes to be a platform where students and leaders from academia, politics, industry and civil society can jointly explore future challenges and opportunities.

During Internal Week, which will run from 15 to 17 May, there will be a focus on networking through lectures, talks as well as workshops. This is an opportunity to discuss questions such as: How can we cooperate internationally for a sustainable future? And what role do academia and research play in this mission?

The theme of the conference is:

  • academia's responsibility in a troubled world
  • the impact of technology on society with a particular focus on AI
  • how we maximise the effects of research.

International Week 2024 is being organised in response to a divided world and the 30th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Recent developments in different parts of the world show a lack of development, which, with people at the centre, contributes to instability, conflicts and democratic regression. We wish to investigate how research, innovation and technology can contribute to finding solutions.

“The conference builds on MDU's collaborative and progressive approach and draws inspiration from a long tradition of partnerships between universities around the world. We believe that we need to bring people together to solve the issues that we face globally. We wish to promote global and shared learning and accountability for a sustainable future,” says Sara Arvidson, Head of Communications at MDU.


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