”The trainee programme gives me a chance to test myself”

Foto på en kvinna som står och tittar in i kameran med ABB:s logotyp i bakgrunden.

Photo of a woman looking into the camera with the ABB logo in the background. Sofia graduated last summer from the Robotics Engineering programme. She is now in the Discovery Graduate trainee programme at ABB.

Sofia met ABB during Högvarv and learned about its trainee programme. Her curiosity led her to apply and she managed to become one of the ten who were accepted:

The trainee programme gives me the chance to test out what I want to work with in the longer term. ABB cares about its staff. It feels like I'm a natural resource, an asset to the company even though I'm so new, and that feels fantastic, says Sofia.

How was it to study Robotics at MDU?

Very fun, much because we focus on working in projects and we have worked very practically. There has been a lot of creativity and problem solving. The teachers are open to what we want and we can control our projects to a large extent ourselves.

So now it's the trainee programme for you - tell us how you arrived at your choice?

During the fourth year, I felt a little unsure of what I wanted to do, the robotics programme was not as advanced as I had thought. It turned out that the programming alone can take you to many different types of industries as well as the electronics part of the robotics programme. The idea of a trainee programme seemed good, it gives me the chance to test out what I want to work with in the longer term. I had received some information from ABB in connection with the labour market fair Högvarv, and also had a summer job there and the feeling was positive. It has been important for me that ABB is big and has many opportunities.

How are you doing in the trainee group?

We are a great bunch. Several of us have moved to Västerås and we have a lot of joint activities both inside and outside work; team building and other fun. We really become both colleagues and friends.

How do you see your future and development at ABB?

I will definitely find something that suits me at ABB, I envision being able to change tasks and climb within the company. After the trainee programme, I will consider and discuss my placement, then there is the possibility of working abroad, if I want to. It feels great to have a future at ABB, I would like to develop and make a career in the same company. I want to develop together with ABB, it feels great to be part of something big, says Sofia.

ABB Discovery Graduate Programme

The application period for the ABB Discovery Graduate Program is open until 3 December.