Datum 2023-09-12
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Programme receives renewed seal of approval

The Master’s programme in International Marketing (IM) has recently been granted EFMD re-accreditation. "This is a great recognition that our programmes are considered to have a high international standard," says Thomas Wahl, Dean of the School at Mälardalen University (MDU).

Once again, IM has had its accreditation renewed for three years. This is the third time that the programme has received this award.

"This is a great recognition that our education is of high international quality. This result requires a collective commitment and a quality-driving culture throughout the organisation, and we now have further proof that we have achieved this," says Thomas Wahl, Dean of the School of Business, Society and Engineering.

The accreditation is organised by EFMD which is an international organisation that evaluates quality in courses and study programmes in business and management from an international viewpoint. Accreditation usually means a basic review of the programme, including its set-up, content, pedagogy and the qualifications of teachers and staff.

"The announcement of renewed accreditation according to EFMD, the international programme accreditation system, confirms that we, together with our students, teachers and researchers, offer and create Business Administration programmes with high-quality international profile, with a clear research basis and that is very relevant to companies and organisations," says Magnus Linderström, Strategic Director of Studies at MDU.

At Mälardalen University, the following programmes have gained EFMD accreditation: IM and the International Business Management (IBM) programmes. IBM received its five-year programme accreditation in 2020.

What accreditation means

  • A quality assurance stamp: Accreditation acts as a seal of quality and shows that the programme meets established standards and criteria.

  • Labour market benefits: Accredited programmes have increased employment potential and employers have confidence in the qualifications gained from accredited programmes.

  • Study credits portability: Accreditation enables the transfer of credits to other programmes or institutions and gives students flexibility in their educational path.

  • Research opportunities: Accreditation can be a prerequisite for obtaining research funding and participating in partnerships with other institutions.

  • Regulation and security: In some industries, accreditation is part of the regulatory system to ensure compliance with standards and protect the public.

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