Datum 2023-06-16
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Go out and change the world!

Many years of hard work lie behind an education at university level. To celebrate the students who have taken their final semester with us at MDU, five Completion Ceremonies were arranged during 15 and 16 June. We celebrated that you finished your studies, took the first step to develop yourselves, gained new knowledge and that you have graduated.

“We are grateful, happy and proud that you chose to study at MDU and today we will celebrate that you have graduated. We hope that you have had a rewarding study time, even though we know that it may sometimes have seemed difficult and tough and maybe even impossible to get through these difficult study times. Many congratulations to all of you who have graduated – go out now and change the world,” said Martin Hellström, Vice-Chancellor at MDU, in his speech to the students.

Vice-Chancellor, Martin Hellström.

With a festive backdrop, the Completion Ceremonies consisted of an event with speeches and entertainment, as well as the distribution of flowers and diplomas. Afterwards, there was a mingle with sparkling wine and canapés. Together with family, friends and relations the students celebrated the completion of their studies and that the time has come for the next phase in their career. We hope to collaborate with you in the future now that you have become alumni.

Thank you for choosing to study at Mälardalen University, you are always welcome back! Congratulations and the best of luck!