Datum 2023-05-03
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A safe MDU for you as a student

MDU strives to maintain a high level of physical security, personal security and information security.

Therefore, there are rules that everyone must follow:

  • It is not permitted to lend your MDU card to another person. Your access card is personal.
  • Never let anyone in who is unauthorised. When the campus is closed to the public, only students and employees with an MDU card are allowed to be there. Students are not allowed to bring in visitors when the campus is closed to the public.
  • Some premises require security training and special permission through the MDU card. It is the responsibility of each student and staff member to not to let unauthorised persons into our premises.

Opening hours

The University's public areas are accessible to everyone during our support services opening hours such as the Student centre, the University Library, restaurants and cafés.
Monday-Thursday: 08:00–19:00 | Friday: 08:00–16:00


Access to premises is adapted to the needs of students and employees so that they can carry out their studies and work duties. This also applies to premises such as method rooms, computer rooms, workshops, laboratories and studios.


To be allowed on the University’s premises after opening hours or in premises that are locked for security reasons, an MDU card with the required access or other permission is required. Students are not allowed to bring in visitors during the times the University is closed to the public or to premises that require special access for security reasons.

MDU card

During the time when the campus is closed to others than students and employees, your MDU card must be presented to a security guard or other person. You must be able to confirm your identity in connection with presenting the MDU card.

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