Datum 2023-02-24
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Construction at the U building on the Västerås campus

View if the site of the construction.

Hemsö which is MDU’s lessor will build temporary modular offices at the Västerås campus. This means that the bicycle rack at Solbergagatan will be moved and that accessibility may be limited to and from the U building. Construction is expected to start on Monday 27 February and be complete by the end of April.

The temporary modular offices will be located on the north side of the courtyard towards Arosvallen, along Solbergatan. 

How will the construction affect me?

  • The construction of the temporary modular offices means that the bicycle rack on Solbergatan will be moved and will be relocated along the U building on the same street.
  • Bicycles in current bike racks that have not been removed by their owners at the start of work will be removed. Information that this will happen has gone out through signs placed at the U building and on the bicycle rack, where the area has also been cordoned off on Wednesday 22 February.
  • The work will affect accessibility, now and again, at the footpath at the U building and the road at Solbergatan.

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