Datum 2023-02-13
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MDU to receive a world-class visit

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On Tuesday, 14 February around 50 ambassadors representing a significant part of the world's countries will visit MDU. Discussions about internationalisation, collaboration and sustainability, for instance, are on the agenda.

– I am really passionate about collaboration and internationalisation. The problems we currently face in society are extremely complex and we cannot manage them ourselves, they need to be addressed at a global level. Within the public sector, with our partners in the region, in Sweden and the world, we must meet to discuss and address the challenges facing the world together. The ambassador visit is part of this effort,” says Martin Hellström, Vice-Chancellor at MDU.

The visit is an initiative from The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and which is organised annually together with the County Administrative Boards in Sweden. The purpose of the visit is to promote the country by allowing the ambassadors to become familiar with the respective counties. The areas of focus are academia, culture, industry and business enterprise.

This year the County Administrative Board of Västmanland and Johan Sterte, County governor, are the hosts for the visit and the morning will be spent at MDU.

“Now that we have the whole world here, we have a fantastic opportunity to promote our cutting-edge position in research and education. We are creating strategic collaborations with the world’s countries at an entirely new level,” says Sara Arvidson, Director of Communications at MDU.

Programme for the visit

Sal Omega, Västerås campus from 9:30 to 11:40

9:30 Arrival at Mälardalen University

  • Welcome and introduction, by County governor Johan Sterte
  • Mälardalen University
    • Martin Hellström, rektor
    • Damir Isovic
    • Sara Arvidson
  • EEN Mälardalen
    • Gustavo Santoyo

10:50 – 11:00 Break

  • Mälarenergi
    • Niklas Gunnar
    • Ove Fredriksson

11:40 Departure for lunch at Västerås Castle

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