Datum 2023-01-20
Artikeltyp News

From hard work to a day filled with joy

On 20 January three Completion Ceremonies were held to thank our students who chose to study at MDU. We celebrated that you finished your studies, took the first step to develop yourselves and you gained new knowledge and new viewpoints along the way. Many congratulations on your degree!

The Completion Ceremony is an occasion where we say thank you and feature the students who have taken their last semester with us at MDU.

“Many years of hard work lie behind an education at university level and today we wish to congratulate all our students who have graduated. It’s great to be able to gather in one place and hold a festive celebration in their honour. It is my wish that we will collaborate with our students in the future, when they have become alumni,” says Martin Hellström, Vice-Chancellor at MDU.

During the day three Completion Ceremonies were held with students receiving flowers and diplomas, as well as a mingle afterwards with sparkling wine and canapes. Together with family, friends and relations our students celebrated the completion of their studies and that the time has come for the next phase in their career. In addition, they could capture the memories of the day thanks to the photo booth on site that printed out photos directly.

Sara Olofsson

Martin Hellström

In accordance with tradition the Vice-Chancellor gave a speech and students from the Academy of Music and Opera at MDU performed music and song. There were also some newer aspects on the Ceremony’s agenda.

“We wanted the event to be an inspiring and fun occasion. Therefore during the Completion Ceremony we were particularly glad to get the chance to listen to Elisabeth Wulff Sahlén, a teacher at MDU who is one of the recipients of the 2022 Teaching Prize. Eveline Jacobsson, one of our alumna and a specialist nurse also attended the event. She had a slot on the summer radio programme Sommarpratarna, a popular Swedish talk show series hosted by Sveriges Radio. To conclude the Ceremony we enjoyed a great show by Anna Karlsson, alumna and stand-up comedian,” says Annsofi Söderholm, Event Coordinator at MDU.

Elisabeth Wulff Sahlén

Eveline Jacobsson

Anna Karlsson

Thank you for choosing to study at Mälardalen University. Good luck with your new endeavours and we look forward to seeing you back here again!