Datum 2022-06-14
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Growing need for in-depth knowledge concerning the impact of digitalisation on international business

Mosarrat Farhana started her doctoral studies at MDU in the autumn of 2020. Her research area investigates the emergence of digitalization within the context of International Business.

"My main focus is to investigate how different forms of digitalization technologies have different effects on the headquarter-subsidiary relationship and subsidiary role. I am also involved in developing and validating a scale that measures the degree of digitalization", says Mosarrat Farhana.

In line with the development of digitalization, the demand for in-depth knowledge grows around its impact on international business activity.

"The pandemic situation has further accelerated the digitalization process, which in turn has demonstrated the importance of continued research in the field – from a practitioner’s as well as a researcher’s perspective. For example, it is interesting to find out what inhibits or enables digitalisation at corporate as well as individual level and to explore the consequences it may have on international expansion", says Mosarrat Farhana.

Doctoral studies at MDU create opportunities for the future

Mosarrat Farhana participates in national and international doctoral courses, seminars and conferences.

"For me, my doctoral studies at Mälardalen University can be viewed as a complete basic package in order to be able to join the academia as a researcher in the near future. Currently, I am building my theoretical and methodological foundation as well as developing my research plan. In addition, I am curious to explore potential risks in parallel with digitalization opportunities", she says.

Mosarrat Farhana also teaches International Business at the university. In the autumn, she will participate in the following courses International Marketing, Strategy and Management and Strategy and International Marketing.

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