Datum 2022-08-26
Artikeltyp News

2000 new students at MDU

New students in Eskilstuna were welcomed at Strömsholmen.

The autumn semester begins on Monday 29 August but already this week Mälardalen University (MDU) welcomed its new degree programme students. After two years of remote receptions, this year's introduction was physical and completely without restrictions. The receptions took place at Västerås campus on 25 August and Eskilstuna campus on 26 August between 10:00 and 13:00.

“This year we welcomed our national and international students at the same reception. In total, 1000 new students started in Eskilstuna and 1000 new students in Västerås. The day started with an introductory session and then the students were invited to an intro fair,” says Jessica Pettersson, Communications Officer, Student recruitment at MDU.

During the introductory session, the new students got to know their fellow students, the University, the city, the Student Union and the student associations. The fair, which was arranged by Mälardalen Student Union, consisted of several exhibitors from the University and outside the University.

In addition to the introductory session and the intro fair, the student associations and the Student Union will also arrange several activities during what is known as the rookie period, which takes place during the first weeks of the semester.

“I'm really looking forward to meeting new people, to developing and seeing what it's like to study at university level. It’ll be exciting to find something fun to study and then work with,” says Fanny Hägglund, who will start the technical foundation year at Västerås.

“I agree! It will be great to learn about new contexts and get a sense of community,” says Fanny Söderberg, who will also start studying the same programme.

The Student Centre on MDU's campus is ready to answer questions that new and old students may have about starting a new education or semester. There are also introductory videos on mdu.se that help new students to get a smooth start to their university studies.