Datum 2022-04-29
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Unique double Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

There is now an opportunity for students who are studying the Computer Science Programme to apply for a double Bachelor's degree. Together with Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), a programme has been developed to enable students to study at both Mälardalen University (MDU) and TU Dublin, so that they can then apply for a Bachelor’s degree from both universities.

There are many benefits of applying for a double Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Thanks to the programme, students can gain international experience, which can benefit them in their future profession.

“In the industry, you often work on a global basis, so it's important to be able to communicate in English and to interact with people from other countries,” says Radu Dobrin, Head of the Division at the department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at MDU.

During the education there is also an opportunity to participate in a placement at companies in both Sweden and Ireland, which provides essential experiences for students when they start working.

Unique programme

After three years of studying in Sweden, MDU students can study for a fourth year at TU Dublin. The students from TU Dublin come to MDU during their third year and then return to Dublin to study for a fourth year there. After a total of four years of study, a Bachelor’s degree qualification can be awarded from both universities.

“There are many opportunities to apply for an international double degree at Master's level, but at Bachelor's level it is more unusual,” says Radu.

“Master's level education is often the same all over the world in terms of content and length. At Bachelor's level, however, it can look different, which makes it difficult to get a cooperation in place that benefits students. Language can also be a barrier, as Bachelor’s level education is seldom offered in English in countries where English is not a native language.”

Much time has therefore been spent on ensuring that students can be given credit for the time they spend abroad. During recent years, staff on the Computer Science Programme have been working to be able to offer half of the courses in English, which has made this cooperation possible.

TU Dublin – Ireland's first technological university

For several years now, MDU and TU Dublin have worked closely together, in areas such as education and research, teacher exchanges and guest lecturers.

“MDU and TU Dublin are similar in many ways as they have the same focus on technology, internationalisation and collaboration,” says Radu.

TU Dublin is Ireland's first technological university and is a leader in the field of natural sciences, engineering, technology and mathematics (in English known as STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


In autumn 2021, MDU welcomed the first students from TU Dublin and applications are now open to those students from MDU who are interested in going to Dublin during the autumn of 2022. Studies abroad can be advantageously combined with funding under the Erasmus+ exchange agreement that exists between higher education institutions.

If you are interested in the programme, please contact Radu Dobrin and/or Programme Coordinators Caroline Uppsäll and Daniel Hedin.

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