Datum 2021-05-17
Artikeltyp News

It will be possible for students to go on exchange studies this autumn

If you have applied for exchange studies this autumn, you may travel provided that the circumstances permit travel out of Sweden, entry into the host country and that the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs does not advise against all trips to the country or region concerned.

It is still difficult to monitor the spread of infection and how the pandemic affects different societal functions. If you have cause to interrupt your exchange studies, there are unfortunately no guarantees that you will be able to get a place at one of MDH’s courses. This in turn could affect your entitlement to student finance. Therefore you have been urged to apply for courses at MDH for the autumn semester 2021, in order to have a backup plan. If you haven’t already applied for courses at MDH for the autumn semester 2021, you should contact your study advisor and international coordinator.