Datum 2020-06-08
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MDH programmes get a renewed EPAS accreditation

This article was written before our official name change on January 1, 2022 from Mälardalen University (MDH) to Mälardalen University (MDU).

Fyra ungdomar sitter runt ett bord och pratar.

The Bachelor’s programme in International Business Management (IBM) and the Master’s Programme in International Marketing (IM) have got a renewed EPAS accreditation.

– This is a nice recognition of our educations maintaining an internationally high quality, says Head of School Thomas Wahl.

IBM has got the longest possible accreditation ranging five years, and IM has got its accreditation renewed by three years. Both programmes are hosted by the School of Business, Society and Engineering.

– This is a nice recognition of our educations maintaining an internationally high quality, says Head of School Thomas Wahl. Pre-requisites for this result are a joint commitment and a quality driving culture throughout the organisation, which we now have even more evidence of having.

The accreditation is handled by EFMD. It is an international organisation evaluating the quality of educations within the fields of Business and Management from an international perspective. An accreditation is equivalent to a receipt of the educations being of high quality and it is also a tool for continued quality work.

– The accreditation has brought us to make continuous efforts to maintain and secure a high quality on the programmes. It has also generated more international cooperation and new contacts with international, accredited partner universities. This benefits our students in the two programmes but also students in other programmes, says Faculty Programme Director Eva Maaninen-Olsson.

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On EFMD's webpage you can find more information about the accreditaion. External link.

Students can see the advantages of the accreditation

Here are some thoughts about the accreditation from two of the students in IM:

– I participated in the student committee for the EPAS accreditation since I believe that it is highly useful for the credibility of the programme, both on a local as well as on an international level, says Wissam Abdelnour.

–I got the chance to be one of the students meeting with the international evaluation group when the programme was about to renew the accreditation, says Ellinor Bertilsson. That was an awesome experience. We who are students notice the accreditation by the fact that the programme is highly structured and that the teaching focuses on mainly recent problems combined with the classical models and theories. This creates a broader understanding.