As a student, alumnus or member of staff at MDU you have access to the career portal, HigherEd, where you can apply for a placement or a job abroad. This service is provided by EFMD (the European Foundation for Management Development) of which the University is a member.

By logging in with your student or work email you will gain access to a personal portal through which you can apply for trainee places, placements or jobs worldwide. There are usually around 1 000 places to apply for, all around the world.

On the portal there is also an opportunity to do personality tests, which can give an indication of what potential you have and what professions are the most relevant.

You log in with your student or work email, update your profile, and then it’s time to take your first step out into the world!

More information about the portal

For more information about the portal, please contact Pablo Camacho Sanhueza.