Gender equality

At MDU, men and women must be able to study and work on equal terms. That is why we work actively to promote gender equality.

This is done notably, through competence development of leaders and employees, through training ”mentors” and “generals” in the student associations, through equality rounds where discrimination risks are identified and addressed and also through follow-up of wage agreements.

It is important that everyone is treated equally. We therefore take all allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment seriously and investigate them.

How the university works to achieve Sweden's gender equality goal

The aim of Sweden's gender equality policy is for men and women to have the same opportunities to shape society and their own lives. For MDU to contribute to the goal, we have an action plan in place for gender mainstreaming (called “Gender equality plan at Mälardalen University”). The plan states how we are to contribute to achieving the goal and how we work to integrate gender equality issues into our daily operations.

Three focus areas in gender equality work

To promote gender mainstreaming, we have identified three focus areas:

The content and form of courses and study programmes

  • Men and women must be able to apply to MDU on equal terms and we work to counteract gender stereotyped beliefs about our education.
  • All students who graduate from MDU must be able to work for gender equality in their future professional lives.

Research conditions

  • Men and women must be able to conduct research and apply for research funding on equal terms.

Gender balance in leadership

  • Decisions made by the University must take gender equality into account
  • Recruitment and career progression opportunities must take place on equal terms for men and women.

More information about the University's action plan

In 2017 Mälardalen University created a Plan for gender mainstreaming at Mälardalen University (2017/1308) and it has been revised for 2023-2025 (2022/1568).